Computer Security

An often overlooked part of being an IT Support Technician is consulting on computer security and providing computer security implementation services.  For help with your computer security issues give Asap Computer Services a call 210-497-1424.

There is an obvious layer of computer security which is physical security (most often overlooked), then the recent Merchant Services encryption requirements or for government contractors there are security policies with compliance in regards to Federal, State or Local Laws ie, HIPPA compliance.

ASAP computer services provides these enterprise computer security services.

  • Encryption
  • Computer security policy implementation
  • Physical computer security
  • Cisco router and VPN installation
  • Security appliance installation
  • ISA Server and Microsoft Threat Management Gateway

Here are some simple suggestions for anyone looking to fix the most frequent and basic physical computer security flaws, such as keeping your server room locked etc.


  1. Do not terminate employees before disabling their computer access.
  2. Lock the door to the server room.
  3. Use secure passwords these with a capital letter a number at least one wildcard.
  4. Have a password expiration policy.
  5. Disable old user accounts.
  6. Before an employee is terminated disable all computer accounts.
  7. Use monitor privacy screens (HIPPA)
  8. Set screensavers to lock computer after 3 minutes of inactivity.
  9. Have a written computer security policy.

Recently all of my clients who process credit cards (myself included) have experienced the new regulations placed upon merchants process credit cards practically speaking these security guidelines make sense.

Their policies in fact will reveal a basic lesson on computer security. Here goes, are you ready? it’s the pink elephant, the gorilla in the room. It’s encrypt your sensitive data.

If possible keep your sensitive data on a segment of your computer network that is inaccessible to any user that does not absolutely, positively require access to the sensitive information.  Information technology support includes a working knowledge of basic computer security.

Employee theft of data and employee espionage are the primary security threat to most small businesses.  I have several clients who have experienced an ex-employee opening up a company with the use of stolen schematics and knock-off products being manufactured.   This is especially true in Research and Development companies and manufacturers.