Server Failover Clustering

Server Cluster Support San AntonioServer Failover Clustering is best described in practical terms, A “Failover Cluster” is a group of servers, with shared storage, configured so that if a failure occurs on a server in the group; the resources, applications and roles of the server which failed are moved to a stable server in that group without any downtime.

The Benefits of a Failover Cluster

  • Zero down time due to hardware failure
  • SQL database clustering for extremely high database integrity
  • Co-location of mission-critical applications and data
  • Enterprise class fault tolerance

Tips and Tricks for Implementing a Server Failover Cluster.

  1. Not all applications are cluster aware, so be sure to install non-cluster aware applications on every node in the failover cluster prior to an actual failure.
  2. All nodes in the failover cluster should have the exact same hardware configuration.
  3. Do not put a cluster on line if it does not pass cluster validation with flying colors.  Beware of this.
  4. Have a network segment strictly for replication traffic and do not register these in DNS or connect them to any other infrastructure.
  5. Use the largest and best SSD (Solid State Drives) or Flash high availability SAN storage that you can afford.  If you choose to use a virtual SAN, this is not a bad choice but be sure to understand it as well as implement it.

If you are interested in implementing server failover clustering in your business, please give us a call at 210-497-1424, contact us or e-mail us and we will be happy to discuss the best ways to implement a failover cluster into your companies network.



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