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A computer is a electronic device used to handle input and generate output. Common forms of computers are desktop computers, laptop computers, server computers and tablet computers. Computers can also exist within devices that you would not normally associate with a computer. common computer problems include hard drive failure, power supply failure, bad motherboards, bad RAM, viruses, spyware and many more problems.

Gmail ActiveX error

Here is a step by step guide to fixing the Gmail Active X error message

The objective, active X settings in Internet Explorer Options must be changed.

1. Open Internet Explorer Click on Tools Click on Internet Options Click on Security Tab Click on Custom level Button
2. Scroll to Active X Controls, Plugins Enable all Active X Settings, Other Than those flagged as (Not Secure).  Click OK and restart the browser.


You may have an unregistered .dll if that does not resolve the issue

Go to the run box and enter regsvr32 msxml3.dll

Call us at 210-497-1424 for help if you are unable to resolve this.