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Laptop computers consist of an LCD monitor motherboard and completely integrated peripherals and usually a hard drive. It can be as small as a small notepad some larger laptop computers can be the size of a briefcase. common problems with laptops include crack laptop screens, , broken laptop screens, broken keyboards, that hard drives, viruses, blue screens, overheating motherboard failures and video card failures.

Gmail ActiveX error

Here is a step by step guide to fixing the Gmail Active X error message

The objective, active X settings in Internet Explorer Options must be changed.

1. Open Internet Explorer Click on Tools Click on Internet Options Click on Security Tab Click on Custom level Button
2. Scroll to Active X Controls, Plugins Enable all Active X Settings, Other Than those flagged as (Not Secure).  Click OK and restart the browser.


You may have an unregistered .dll if that does not resolve the issue

Go to the run box and enter regsvr32 msxml3.dll

Call us at 210-497-1424 for help if you are unable to resolve this.

Step-by-step guide including photo guide to fix the issue including photos of how to remove the hard drive from MacBook 13 inch model mac laptop fix.  Here is an easy laptop fix for moving data off of the hard drive of a 13 inch MacBook Pro laptop.  To keep all the screws in one place an easy solution is to use a small margarine tub or a ziploc bag.

Tools needed

  1. Micro phillips screwdriver
  2. Micro tri-wing screwdriver.  See photo to right.



Step by step fix. Getting to the hard drive.

  1. Remove all screws from the back of the laptop.
  2. Remove the 2 screws retaining the battery.
  3. Remove the screws on the hard drive retaining bar closest to the hinge of the laptop.  See picture to the right.  The arrows indicate where the retaining bar screws are.
  4. Lift the hard drive that the hard drive carefully with the plastic tab that is attached to it.
  5. Disconnect the cable connecting the hard drive



Now if you need to read the laptop hard drive’s data from a Windows PC, here’s a fix for you. An easy fix at that. Get yourself an empty USB caddy for 3 1/2 inch SATA drive.  Then download HFSEExplorer.