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This refers to how to remove a header from a WordPress 404 page.

I began searching on information on how to remove the header image on the WordPress 404 page and found nothing EXACT.  I found plenty of info on doing this on specific pages, but needed a page id. (which I couldn’t find for the 404 page?)  I also found lots of information on how to disable the header image, to leave the header image on the homepage but not on the blog pages.  How to display different images in the header on all the pages (very useful).  So after all that i just stumbled this one out with a little bit of good old intuition.  So without further ado here is how I was able to remove the header from my WordPress 404 page.

How to remove the Header Image from the WordPress 404 Page.

  1. Open WordPress admin panel
  2. Hover over appearance
  3. Click editor
  4. Click on Stylesheet in template list. Near bottom of page and of the list (Style.css)
  5. Open your stylesheet
  6. Find this code. (I suggest using your browser’s find feature)
    /* =error404
    ———————————————– */
  7. On the first line under this code enter the following code.
  8. .error404 #branding img {display:none}
  9. Check this picture for a screenshot of how the code should look.
  10. remove-header-image-wordpress-404



Save the changes and the WordPress 404 page header image has been removed.


*(Not liable for any thing you screw up)  Make a backup or use a child theme.  This edit was applied to a WordPress twentyten theme, with no problems for me.

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Here’s my 404 page afterward.  I almost did a “Dude wheres my car theme” Obi-wan won.