Computer Networking

The challenge of computer networking for small business is not how you will handle the networking.  More likely it’s how much of your time you waste trying to figure your computer networking out, before you call a computer networking company or a network technician.  To speak to someone at Asap Computer Services about computer network support call 210-497-1424.

Most all of our clients have common sense, enough so they could connect wires to switches to routers and computers to switches.  However only 1 to 2% off our small business IT Support clients understand the the TCP/IP network protocol.  The same way most of us would understand Chinese.  We may realize it’s Chinese or an Asian language when it’s being spoken, but we don’t understand a word of it.

The TCP/IP computer networking protocol is a standard, but literally it is the global computer networking protocol.  In addition to DNS no two computer network protocols do more for the Internet, e-commerce, websites and wide-area networking.  E-mail servers, Web servers, application servers all servers depend on TCP/IP and DNS.

Whether you are dealing with Microsoft Windows server, UNIX or Linux.  The TCP/IP network protocol remains the same.  Our recommendation for best practices is for all internal domain traffic to point to an internal DNS server with no forwarders.  And to set your gateway to the internal interface of your Internet connection.

These settings apply for domain-based networks.  The same logic can be applied to workgroups and small peer-to-peer networks we find in small offices.  I hope you found this helpful if you need assistance with your computer networking, and would like to hire a computer networking company to assist you contact us or call us at 210-497-1424.