Acer Computer Repair San Antonio

acer_computer_repairAcer Computers is a computer, monitor and electronics manufacturer located in Taiwan.  Give Asap Computer Services a call for help with your Acer laptop computer at 210-497-1424 or contact us.

There are not any Acer owned or operated service centers in the USA or San Antonio.  If you are looking for the kind of Acer computer repair San Antonio PC users will tuly love to tell their friends and family about contact us.  Asap computer services is happy to offer you Acer repair service in San Antonio, TX.

Acer laptop computers and acer desktop computer have price points that are great and they use PC components. Non proprietary parts.  So when it is time to fix your Acer CPU you can count on parts being available.  This is one reason Asap Computer Services can recommend the acer brand, because Acer makes it possible to actually offer Acer CPU repair in San Antonio TX by using PC components and non proprietary parts.

Late in 2010 Acer issued a recall, for their laptop computers because of the laptop casings overheating and melting.  There is a risk of fire and or injury fot the following Acer laptop computers, specifically the Acer aspire models listed below.

  • AS3410
  • AS3810T
  • AS3810TG
  • AS3810TZ
  • AS3810TZG
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