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asus_computer_repairDo you remember the Eee Pc that ASUS Computers came out with a few yars ago.  It is a prime example of Asas Computer manufaturing being ahead of its time.  It is a small netbook, a precursor to todays ASUS tablets.  Are you looking for the kind of ASUS Computer Repair San Antonio PC users rave about?  Is your Asus CPU, Asus laptop or router in need of being fixed? Give us a call at 210-497-1424 for help with your Asus computer issues.

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Asus is a Tiawanese computer manufacturing company.  They have a unique gamer computer line called the Asus ROG, which stands for the Asus Republic of Gamers.  Asus also Branded its router lines AsusTek routers, which compete directly with Linksys and Cisco.  Their latest transformer a tablet,laptop combo line is conceptually brilliant.  But it is lacking practical applications due to a lack of the Microsoft Windows 8 or Windows 7 operating system being loaded on the transformer.  Instead a droid based OS runs on the transformer tablet.  The transformer line also had a prime recall early on.  Call Asap for Acer computer repair San Antonio can depend on, you can reach Asap computer services at 210-497-1424.

If you own an Asus laptop computer which you purchased in 2011, you may be the proud owner of a potential prime recall.  If your Asus computer has an Intel H67 and P67 Express Motherboard running on the Sandy bridge northbridge.  Call Asap Computer Services, we can replace this motherboard and are experienced in Asus CPU repair and Asus motherboard replacement. For CPU repair in San Antonio contact us.

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