Laptop Repair San Antonio

We welcome your business and the opportunity to repair your laptop.  ASAP Computer Services provides the kind of laptop repair San Antonio clients tell their friends and family about.  If you do need laptop repair now, give us a call at 210-497-1424 or contact us.

Laptop computers suffer a specific set of repair needs. A cracked laptop screen, a broken DC Jack and broken keyboards are among our most frequent services.

Laptops do share several problems with PCs and desktop computers, such as getting a virus or having a problem within your laptop computers operating system.  It is just the same as if you had a regular desktop computer with an issue.  We can help you fix your laptop.  If your laptop needs to be fixed give us a call at 210-497-1424 or contact us.

One of ASAP Computer Services goals in regards to laptop repairs is to complete your repair within 24 to 48 hours.  If parts are needed to complete your laptop repair payment in full for the parts on order must be taken up front.  If you desire an expedited repair or expedited, overnight shipping of any laptop repair parts needed these also must be paid for in full in advance.

Here is a list of laptop repair issues that may require parts to fix the laptop be ordered.  please call 210-497-1424 or contact us with any questions in regards to reconditioning your laptop, or fixing your laptop.  Again a deposit is required for these laptop repairs.

  • Keyboard Failure
  • Cracked laptop screen
  • Dim screen or backlight
  • Broken DC Jack
  • Laptop screen not working


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