Server Backup Systems | VM Replication & Disaster Recovery

Server Backup-Disaster RecoveryServer Backup Systems and VM Replication should be: Reliable, automated, and efficient. With only milliseconds or seconds ticking by for the failover process to occur.  Having replicas or backups that are current in case of loss of data or hardware will help your business avoid the loss of profit and result in less stress and the ability to have confidence in your IT infrastructure.

A backup or replica will be restored or brought on-line for businesses whom experience the following scenarios.

  • File corruption
  • Accidental deletions
  • Server failure
  • Catastrophic failure of RAID arrays or other hardware
  • Maintenance or Failure of virtual machines
  • SQL database corruption
  • Exchange server mailbox corruption
  • Hard drive failures

Solid server backup systems provide fail-safes for corrupt data, hardware failure, or data corruption. Your backups should be highly available, current and automated. The days of relying on tape rotations and wondering whether or not so-and-so has taken the backup off-site and rotated the backup media properly are long gone. Today’s backup technologies provide full images of production servers on a scheduled bases and real time data level backups that occur immediately upon the modification of a files.

ASAP computer services provides server backup, server replication and disaster recovery planning..

..that meets the needs of your small to medium sized business.  Backing up your data in an automated and time proven method ensures that in the event of a disaster your company can recover in a timely manner.  The fast and dependable recovery of a backup or replica is the “proof of life” for any backup system your business relies on.

And its recovery operation should be demonstrated and tested on a regular basis.

Field-tested recovery methods and experience recovering backup sets gives ASAP the advantage of knowing what works and what just sounds good.  The difference between a good backup and a bad back up is more than an adjustment of your blood pressure.  It is 100% confidence in your backup system.  Knowing that you can recover from system failures, fire, flood, theft or act of God.

If you operate your servers in a virtual environment the availability of backup replicas can allow for maintenance to occur with only seconds of downtime. Not only should your virtual machines be replicating, but they should be replicating to another physical host. The value proposition of virtualization is undeniable, so is the practical application of replication within virtualized environments

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