Ransomware Virus Removal San Antonio

Asap Computer Services can provide you with a Free disaster recovery consultation for ransomware infections.  Call us at 210-415-2753.  Even if you are  currently experiencing a particularly nasty ransomware infection,  Asap Computer Services can help. We are experienced in recovering pc’s, networks and servers from virus infections such as the Cryptolocker, Wanna Crypt and other Trojan viruses.  And ASAP will patch your un-patched computers or servers which may be running outdated antivirus software. Call us at 210-415-2753 for immediate assistance or click here to contact us.

Asap Computer Services has re-mediated ransomware infections for Fortune 500 companies, Small businesses and Municipalities.

Virus Removal San AntonioViruses manifest themselves in several seditious, destructive and annoying ways. Pop-ups are one annoying form of a virus although technically they are just pop-ups. Ransomware is another more destructive form of a virus.

Today there are even programs that pose as antivirus programs that tell personal computer users that their CPU is completely infected with viruses. It will tell the computer user they have thousands of viruses and they must download the virus removal program on their screen to fix the virus problem on their computer. That might be classified as adware or spyware, really it is a virus.

Lately we have seen viruses which will not allow the computer user to get into their computer and may display an image through the Web Cam of the unsuspecting computer users laptop computer or desktop computer.  Several clients of ASAP Computer Services have actually contacted the FBI in regards to the FBI money pack virus. The San Antonio Police Department has also received calls about this as well.

If you think you have a virus on your computer, boot your computer into safe mode and run a scan using your antivirus software. Bear in mind there are some unpatched operating system environments in which some computer viruses cannot be removed by antivirus software alone.

Contact Us if you think you have a virus on your computer, laptop or network. 210-497-1424.

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