Compaq Computer Repair San Antonio

compaq_computer-repair-san-antonioRecently purchased by HP computers, Compaq Computer corporation operating under HP computers ownership sells computers, servers and laptops.  if you’re looking for Compaq Computer Repair San Antonio can depend on. Call ASAP computer services. 210-497-1424. Or contact us.

Compaq Computer Corporation was founded in 1982, Compaq was the first CPU company to sell PC computers that were IBM computer clones.  Their corporate office was located in Houston Texas, which now serves as HP or Hewlett-Packard computer corporations headquarters.  San Antonio has seen its share of Compaq computers.  Compaq was a leader in the laptop industry, pioneering a suitcase computer in the early 1980s.

Fixing Compaq computers is similar to fixing any other PC-based computer.  The Compaq CPU repair process is purely logical.  compact does not have any computer repair or computer service facilities in San Antonio Texas.  ASAP computer services has been fixing Compaq computers since the early 1990s.  Call ASAP computer services if you have a Compaq server, desktop or a Compaq laptop that is having problems.

Whether you have a virus, software issue or a hardware issue ASAP computer services can repair your Compaq computer and is the best choice in San Antonio Texas for your Compaq computer repair needs.

Compaq aka HP Computers Recalled many presario laptops due to battery overheating.  if you own any of the Compaq laptop computers in the list below, then you may be in possession of a computer that could receive recall repair service.  Over 162,000 Compaq Presario computers were recalled.

  • A900
  • C700
  • F500
  • F700
  • V3000
  • V3500
  • V3700
  • V6000
  • V6500
  • V6700




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