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Computer Repair, involves fixing computers laptops, servers, tablets and computer networks. Virus removal, hard drive replacement, motherboard replacement, blue screens, software problems, problems with programs, windows not loading, freezing, web browsers, printers all these symptoms and many more symptoms fall into the computer repair category.

If you have just been infected by the cryptolocker take pause for a moment.  This advice may seem counter-intuitive.  Paying the ransom from crypto locker is occasionally the best option for an infected system.

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Have you ever gotten a CD or DVD stick in the CD drive of your desktop or laptop computer.  or perhaps one third if there was a CD or DVD inside of a drive that will not open.  There is an easy way to find out without any computer repair costs.  And to eject a stuck CD, well it is really easy to fix. whether its a laptop or desktop computer..

If you look very closely to the front faceplate the drive.  You’ll find a small pinhole, go get a paperclip. Straighten out that paper clip and firmly and deliberately stick it in the pinhole until you start to feel some resistance.  At that point continue pushing it in and the CD or DVD drive tray will eject a stuck cd.

The photo below illustrates the location of the pinhole on a laptop computer.

Step-by-step guide including photo guide to fix the issue including photos of how to remove the hard drive from MacBook 13 inch model mac laptop fix.  Here is an easy laptop fix for moving data off of the hard drive of a 13 inch MacBook Pro laptop.  To keep all the screws in one place an easy solution is to use a small margarine tub or a ziploc bag.

Tools needed

  1. Micro phillips screwdriver
  2. Micro tri-wing screwdriver.  See photo to right.



Step by step fix. Getting to the hard drive.

  1. Remove all screws from the back of the laptop.
  2. Remove the 2 screws retaining the battery.
  3. Remove the screws on the hard drive retaining bar closest to the hinge of the laptop.  See picture to the right.  The arrows indicate where the retaining bar screws are.
  4. Lift the hard drive that the hard drive carefully with the plastic tab that is attached to it.
  5. Disconnect the cable connecting the hard drive



Now if you need to read the laptop hard drive’s data from a Windows PC, here’s a fix for you. An easy fix at that. Get yourself an empty USB caddy for 3 1/2 inch SATA drive.  Then download HFSEExplorer.