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IT support or Information Technology support is a common term used by computer technicians, network technicians, consultants and network administrators. IT support is involved in the design of networks, deployment of network servers, repair of servers and more challenging computer services, computer repairs and computer networking an infrastructure issues.. Although similar to computer support, IT support is typically a business to business service. IT Support is provided by an Internet technology support company with extensive experience in computer networking and consulting.

If you have just been infected by the cryptolocker take pause for a moment.  This advice may seem counter-intuitive.  Paying the ransom from crypto locker is occasionally the best option for an infected system.

If you have the need for San Antonio cryptolocker or cryptowall removal and want to retrieve your information and pay the ransom.  DO NOT REMOVE any viruses or malware before paying the ransom.  However if you do not need your information which was encrypted you may repair the virus and then if you have to restore your encrypted backups as cryptolocker cannot encrypt files previously encrypted.  Contact us at 210-497-1424 if you need assistance.  Or Contact Us Here.

Typically our clients that call about how to remove the FBI virus have actually called the FBI because the scam is so convincing.  The new variant that this how-to guide covers has been field tested in removing the FBI virus in which a Webcam on the computer displays a photograph of the “user” who is the victim of this scam picture is displayed.  we have been calling it the Candid Camera FBI Money Pack Virus.

Feel free to contact us or give us a call if you need assistance with virus removal in San Antonio.  We can be reached at 210-497-1424.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to remove the FBI virus, candid camera variant.

  1. Turn off your computer
  2. Turn your computer back on
  3. As your computer is booting up hit the F8 key continuously (every 3 seconds)
  4. A menu of options will appear
  5. Choose safe mode with command prompt
  6. When the command prompt appears type in the following command….  cd C:\Windows\system 32\restore then hit enter on this line
  7.  Type in the command rstrui.exe then hit enter this will bring up the system restore dialog box there will be two radio buttons one will say restore my computer to an earlier time, the other will say create a restore point
  8. Choose the radio button that says restore my computer to an earlier time
  9. Than click next, you’ll see a calendar with dates choose a date on the calendar at least one week prior to the date in which your computer was infected with the FBI virus a.k.a. the FBI Money pack virus
  10. Click next wait for the restore to finish, then reboot the computer
  11. Once the computer is rebooted, Google then download and install Malware bytes (the free edition is fine) and do the same for Avast antivirus free edition.
  12. Run both of these in safe mode, with full scans.

That should remove the FBI virus.  Be sure to follow every step in this how-to guide and you are insured success in removing the FBI virus.


If it comes back, boot the computer into safe mode by pressing F8 when it is stating up, then choose safe mode with command prompt and then type this in at the command prompt. Call us at 210-497-1424 for immediate assistance.

  1. cd c:\windows\system32\restore   ….then on the next line type…
  2. rstrui.exe

Choose a restore point about a week older than the 1st infection date and restore to that one.. Wait and be patient… it will take a few minutes then prompt to reboot.

Once restored, run a Malwarebytes full system scan just to be safe.  If you need San Antonio virus removal help give us a call at 210-497-1424 or Contact Us be sure to run a full scan with Malware bytes as this FBI Moneypak virus is sneaky and can come back in and reinfect your personal computer or network.

Asap Computer Services has cleaned hundreds of thousands of viruses off of thousands of personal computers, laptops, servers and Macs.  The experienced virus removal technicians at Asap Computer Services are ready to help you attack your virus with some serious computer support.  A San Antonio virus removal expert at Asap is standing by to give your CPU a good cleaning and virus removal.

Gmail ActiveX error

Here is a step by step guide to fixing the Gmail Active X error message

The objective, active X settings in Internet Explorer Options must be changed.

1. Open Internet Explorer Click on Tools Click on Internet Options Click on Security Tab Click on Custom level Button
2. Scroll to Active X Controls, Plugins Enable all Active X Settings, Other Than those flagged as (Not Secure).  Click OK and restart the browser.


You may have an unregistered .dll if that does not resolve the issue

Go to the run box and enter regsvr32 msxml3.dll

Call us at 210-497-1424 for help if you are unable to resolve this.

I began searching on information on how to remove the header image on the WordPress 404 page and found nothing EXACT.  I found plenty of info on doing this on specific pages, but needed a page id. (which I couldn’t find for the 404 page?)  I also found lots of information on how to disable the header image, to leave the header image on the homepage but not on the blog pages.  How to display different images in the header on all the pages (very useful).  So after all that i just stumbled this one out with a little bit of good old intuition.  So without further ado here is how I was able to remove the header from my WordPress 404 page.

How to remove the Header Image from the WordPress 404 Page.

  1. Open WordPress admin panel
  2. Hover over appearance
  3. Click editor
  4. Click on Stylesheet in template list. Near bottom of page and of the list (Style.css)
  5. Open your stylesheet
  6. Find this code. (I suggest using your browser’s find feature)
    /* =error404
    ———————————————– */
  7. On the first line under this code enter the following code.
  8. .error404 #branding img {display:none}
  9. Check this picture for a screenshot of how the code should look.
  10. remove-header-image-wordpress-404



Save the changes and the WordPress 404 page header image has been removed.


*(Not liable for any thing you screw up)  Make a backup or use a child theme.  This edit was applied to a WordPress twentyten theme, with no problems for me.

Like this page if it helped you.

Here’s my 404 page afterward.  I almost did a “Dude wheres my car theme” Obi-wan won.


During a routine VoIP phone installation my clients entire network crashed. A frantic cell phone call was received and I was to provide an network solution.  If you need help with your VOIP phone system in San Antonio give us a call at 210-497-1424.

Once I arrived I was shown to the location where the new phone had been installed.  the network jack the VOIP phone was plugged into was quite odd.  Their business phone system runs on the same segment as their data.  And what I saw was the line behind the Jack ran into another room into a switch that somehow then ran back into itself, instead of up the wall.

Long story short the patch cable for the phone ran through the wall into a switch that was then connected to the network but unfortunately the switch also had a cable that was looping back to itself.  (from int1 to int2 on the switch) Thus this client’s network crashed.