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PC Repair or personal computer repair services vary. Ranging from fixing a motherboard, repairing a damaged operating system and the PC, replacing a PCs hard drive, moving data from one PC to another. PC repair also can encompass virus removals, software issues, and software compatibility issues.

If you have just been infected by the cryptolocker take pause for a moment.  This advice may seem counter-intuitive.  Paying the ransom from crypto locker is occasionally the best option for an infected system.

If you have the need for San Antonio cryptolocker or cryptowall removal and want to retrieve your information and pay the ransom.  DO NOT REMOVE any viruses or malware before paying the ransom.  However if you do not need your information which was encrypted you may repair the virus and then if you have to restore your encrypted backups as cryptolocker cannot encrypt files previously encrypted.  Contact us at 210-497-1424 if you need assistance.  Or Contact Us Here.

If it comes back, boot the computer into safe mode by pressing F8 when it is stating up, then choose safe mode with command prompt and then type this in at the command prompt. Call us at 210-497-1424 for immediate assistance.

  1. cd c:\windows\system32\restore   ….then on the next line type…
  2. rstrui.exe

Choose a restore point about a week older than the 1st infection date and restore to that one.. Wait and be patient… it will take a few minutes then prompt to reboot.

Once restored, run a Malwarebytes full system scan just to be safe.  If you need San Antonio virus removal help give us a call at 210-497-1424 or Contact Us be sure to run a full scan with Malware bytes as this FBI Moneypak virus is sneaky and can come back in and reinfect your personal computer or network.

Asap Computer Services has cleaned hundreds of thousands of viruses off of thousands of personal computers, laptops, servers and Macs.  The experienced virus removal technicians at Asap Computer Services are ready to help you attack your virus with some serious computer support.  A San Antonio virus removal expert at Asap is standing by to give your CPU a good cleaning and virus removal.

Have you ever gotten a CD or DVD stick in the CD drive of your desktop or laptop computer.  or perhaps one third if there was a CD or DVD inside of a drive that will not open.  There is an easy way to find out without any computer repair costs.  And to eject a stuck CD, well it is really easy to fix. whether its a laptop or desktop computer..

If you look very closely to the front faceplate the drive.  You’ll find a small pinhole, go get a paperclip. Straighten out that paper clip and firmly and deliberately stick it in the pinhole until you start to feel some resistance.  At that point continue pushing it in and the CD or DVD drive tray will eject a stuck cd.

The photo below illustrates the location of the pinhole on a laptop computer.